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At Emergo, we're bringing immune response back into balance!


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We're advancing treatments for a diverse range of indications.

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We're developing a treatment that modulates the immune system and brings it back into balance. Emergo's approach accomplishes this without causing immunosuppression.

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Experts in research, clinical development, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs advancing groundbreaking therapies for unmet needs.

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Welcome to Emergo

We're committed to creating groundbreaking medications that restore equilibrium to your immune system.

Emergo Therapeutics was founded in 2016 to develop a treatment for hypercytokinemia, or cytokine storm. There are a number of conditions where overactive mast cells and other components of the immune system cause a range of conditions. Despite strong evidence that reducing the activity of mast cells was effective, few effective treatments were available. Our work focuses on curtailing the release of inflammation-inducting cytokines from these cells, with the goal of revolutionizing treatment approaches and improving patient outcomes.

  • Norketotifen

    Our lead program is developing Norketotifen to treat long COVID and Influenza-like Illnesses.

50 Million

Number of office visits per year for Influenza-like Illness in the U.S.

$16 Million

Number of people with long-COVID in the U.S.


Number of interventional trials for long-COVID registered at ClinicalTrials.gov


Number of effective treatments for Long-COVID

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Emergo is developing treatments for chronic and acute conditions linked with cytokine dysregulation

Emerging Pandemic Viruses

We are ready for the next pandemic threat

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Treating all variants without side effects


Devastating illness with no effective treatment

Additional Respiratory Viruses

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