About Emergo

Emergo Therapeutics is focused on developing drugs to modulate inflammatory responses. Emergo believes that inflammation is responsible for some of the most damaging symptoms and outcomes of seemingly unrelated diseases. Our therapeutic interventions are focused on reducing the production and secretion of inflammatory cytokines.


“Success has been to stay focused on what we do best – development in the pharmaceutical space. We conceive of the trials and the program, and we work with the FDA to make sure we are doing the right thing from a medical and scientific perspective.”

Moise Khayrallah, Ph.D.CEO, Emergo Therapeutics

Our Therapeutic Programs

Emergo is focused on developing a novel immunomodulator to treat Long COVID. This disease is a continuation of symptoms more than 12 weeks past an acute COVID infection. More than 200 symptoms have been described, making it difficult to treat and can have devastating impacts on patients quality of life. It is now clear that inflammatory processes are central to the pathology of the illness. We are developing our novel immunomodulator to alleviate symptoms of the illness and to improve patients functioning and quality of life. Our approach targets the activation of a resolution of inflammation pathway that involves AnnexinA1 and FPR2.

Emergo’s most advanced program is the development of norketotifen for the treatment of uncomplicated influenza and influenza‑like illness. The mast cell stabilizing properties of norketotifen form the scientific rationale for its use in the treatment of influenza and influenza-like illness. There is extensive agreement that the symptoms and pathology of influenza and many other respiratory viral infections are due to an excess release of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Norketotifen is very effective at reducing key inflammatory markers in vitro and in animal models of influenza infection. The results from our exploratory phase 2 trials indicate that norketotifen reduces the time for symptoms of infection to resolve, regardless of the pathogen.

Follow-on Programs

In addition to the lead program, Emergo will look for additional compounds to develop for a number of other conditions linked to mast cell dysregulation such as tumor lysis syndrome, diabetes and obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, acute respiratory distress syndrome and others. 

Our History



Robin Hyde-DeRuyscher and his wife Nancy researched potential interventions for their daughter's medical condition.Starting the journey



Emergo was incorporated and patents were submitted in September 2016.



Moise Khayrallah Joined Emergo as CEO.PreIND package was submitted to the FDA



Raised funds and carried out preclinical work to support INDIND Submitted in Sept 2018Clinical Success and Patent Protection



NKT101 - Phase 1 SafetyNKT201 - Allergy challengeNKT 202 - Exploratory Trial for Flu/ILI Started3 US Patents issued covering acute conditions



NKT 202 completed showing of efficacy for all ILI PathogensUS patent covering treatment of all viruses issuedNKT203 - Optimized Dosing for Flu/ILI Started



2021 - Additional patents issued in US and ROW



NKT203 completed with optimized dosing increasing efficacyExpanding to Chronic Conditions



Initiate work for Long COVID



European Patents issued for acute indications